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DRYKORN for Beautiful People
January 22, 2013, 7:37 am
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I’m not much good at shopping for the guys but a few years ago while shopping at Bloomingdale’s I came across the most kick ass pair of pants for dad; they were the perfect hybrid of Carhartt meets casual-luxury. The brand was DRYKORN for Beautiful People, a German brand that I have yet to find again stateside, even for online purchasing with shipping to the US. Perfectly tailored and weathered in all the right spots they looked great but for dad they were a touch too tight (a hipster he is not).

I eventually stole back the pants I’d gifted and have been living in them ever since. Ok, so perhaps they are slightly big and maybe the crotch is a tad man-ish, but when paired with my button-up blouse, belt, glittery Converse, and a perfectly tailored coat it’s the most epic mix of chic-chick menswear. I admit I started to feel a bit insecure after I got some questions (daring dressing in Seattle, what’s new) but was totally, freakin’ validated when I searched for their Fall 2012 line and came across these. Hell yeah. I was so right!

Until I can figure out a way to get DRYKORN out west I’ll be taking inspiration (and digging out my waistcoat!) because I want to be all of these.

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ooh, so cool pictures :)

Comment by kookyswank

Glad you like them @kookyswank. You’ve got great stuff at your place too.

Comment by Natira

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