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With Love
January 31, 2013, 11:45 am
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27516178_060_aI would very much like to alter, hell, even completely re-do our entire party menu just to be able to work-in these sweet little straws. They scream for a nice chocolately milkshake, don’t they? There is still only one source of hearts (from the Kaj Franck bowls that for now will house the Gougère’s from yesterday) so I think that perhaps a heart or two could find a way in. But alas, our menu is pretty badass right now, with a lot of thought put into tastiness, ease of eating, AND digestibility…so there will be no milkshakes. It is, afterall, a Lucky Valentine’s Day party and we DO, in fact, want people to get lucky when they get home. *wink, wink*

Lucky Valentine invitesThe invites went out, and most of them seem to have gotten lost in the mail. I’m thinking the post office doesn’t quite know how to handle the postcard anymore. Regardless though, the attempt at real mail was made…now come the text invites. Sigh.

With Love straws: set of 20, $16. Vintage Bubbly postcards: set of 8 $9.5



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I so wish I could come. I am sure it will be a fantastic party!

Comment by Gena

I wish you were there too. You’d have enjoyed my awesome playlist…with many hits from our younger days. ha!

Comment by Natira

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