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February 5, 2013, 8:36 am
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AtmospheresMy new favorite glass of sparkling wine and, oh, is it a good one. I don’t think there’s a way to cram anymore sheer amazingness into a single bottle, because for me this wine is perfection and its maker, Jo Landron, a master (with a killer mustache). Many of the same reasons that I love the François Pinon are why I love this wine, and it’s no coincidence that both are wines of the Loire Valley, and both are created in the méthode traditionnelle (second fermentation in the bottle). They are very different wines though and for the moment, ATMOSPHÈRES is all I can think about.

A quick history

Domaine de la Louvetrie was established in 1945 by Jo’s father Pierre, in the 80’s Jo joined in, by the 90’s Jo took over. By 1999 the vineyard was certified as 100% organic and by 2008 the vineyard was converted and certified as fully biodynamic (organic on crack, you could say). The fruit is only ever harvested by hand.

Tasting notes

The common thread in Loire Valley wines that I most enjoy is the rich minerality, tasting all the best parts of the soil that have made their way through the vines, into the grapes, and ending in the bottle. This wine in particular has a distinctive minerality–vital and balanced, but it’s also perfectly acidic and rich in texture and beading. The taste varies with temperature but overall the fragrant notes of lemon zest and oil is most notable. There are light hints of red apple, and very faintly, at slightly warmer temps there are bits of strawberry (says Andrew) and cherry (says me). (If I wasn’t me I’d go with Andrews pick as he’s much better at tasting notes than I am.)

The richness of the wine extends all the way down to the most beautiful golden, verging on a blush, color and it’s hypnotizing. The beading is strong and effervescent and it’s because of this that it’s best served in a coupe.  I read somewhere that some prefer to wait for the bubbles to dissipate but 1) I do not have the patience to wait after the bottle has been popped and 2) why wait when you can just serve it in a coupe. Since they were likely serving in a flute it’s understandable that the wine felt a bit choked by the beading. Go with the coupe, enjoy it cold, savor the notes as the temperature changes.

If you’re in Seattle be sure to stop by Bar Ferd’nand at Melrose Market to pick this up. Ask for Marc and he’ll help you find anything you need; he’s done an amazing job curating the wine selection there. And a special thanks to Andrew for help with the tasting notes and for stopping to get a bottle after a very…long…week.


Jo Landron ATMOSPHÈRES, $17-$20 available at Bar Ferd’nand or online here.


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