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Crepe paper garland
February 12, 2013, 11:02 am
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crepe paper garlandIt suddenly dawned on me that I DID, in fact, plan an epic bash last year…so it hasn’t been as long as I’d originally thought.  It was the boost of confidence I needed last week because I was deep into questioning how much I really knew what I was doing. I was able to convince myself that I did know a thing or two when I remembered how much people loved the poms and crepe paper garland at Thani and Mari’s wedding. It’s oh so festive, and instantly happy-making. So it was settled, crepe paper garlands were what we were doing for Lucky Valentine.

There are two ways you can go when choosing the crepe paper (not the streamers that you see in small rolls, but long sheets that you’ll cut into strands). There’s the basic $2 rolls or the heavier Italian stuff for $7 a roll. Everyone talks about the weight of the paper, and initially I didn’t care about the weight and decided to use the cheap stuff. I soon learned that it’s not just the weight that you’re paying for, but perhaps more importantly you’re paying for richer, deeper, and a wider-range of colors. I got three different shades of pink and they all looked the same color and more neon than the range I was looking for. I caved and ordered the good stuff and was so much happier. I cut the strands about 1.5″ and twisted some to add texture. (Love how the red looks like rose petals!)

Everything’s set…now I just need to figure out how we’ll hang them. (Well shit. Maybe I don’t know as much as I thought.)


I used this tutorial for dotted garlands from Jordan @ Oh Happy Day. If you’re going the wedding decoration route, I’d go with the good stuff from Carte Fini. The shipping is fast and free when you buy more than 6 rolls! Also, THE PERFECT wedding blush color is SWEET PEA.


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Those look sooooo pretty! I wanna do that:)

Comment by Mari

I only wish you could have been there. :'(

Comment by Natira

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