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The Statement Coat
February 20, 2013, 9:59 am
Filed under: Fashion

Ever since I found my 1920’s print coat last summer I have been fascinated by all coats of graphic print and bold color. And I am still kicking myself for not getting the Emerson Fry linen leopard coat from last fall. Ugh! I would have rocked the hell out of that thing.


I love the diversity and versatility in styling — just so effortless and sexy. Whether with leather, wool, print, bold solids, oversized, or tailored pieces there are so many fun ways to play; it is whatever you want to make it. I should also admit that it was because of my coat that I finally felt comfortable enough to start mixing graphic prints. Somehow it can be quite intimidating with other pieces, but with the same amount of “real estate” to work with in a knee-length coat and dress there’s less material to worry about than if you were to try mixing a graphic pant.


Some warn of the danger in going too housecoat-esque (thanks to Andrew for this unpleasant mental image) but there are some tricks in not looking like a pissed-off Betty Draper.


If you are going the vintage route: collars, sleeve length, and this shiny material for instance can look precisely like what it is: dated. So look for timeless qualities where the cut and style of these elements won’t give you away. And natural fabrics will always look better than synthetics.

[images via Pinterest]

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I’m a big fan of the prints! Love your post!

XOXO Nensi

Comment by FreeUrCloset

I love the prints too! Seems like that’s especially popular now and I love it. Thank you for stopping by, Nensi!

Comment by Natira

Luv Ur Blog!!! Check out my new blog diyoutlet.wordpress.com

Comment by diyoutlet

Thanks for stopping by, @diyoutlet.

Comment by Natira

ur welcs! keep up the good work!

Comment by diyoutlet


Comment by diyoutlet

I love love love coats, and statement coats are no exception! The bold mod/retro prints are super cool, as are the ultra bright solid coats! One thing I like to do in order to keep the budget in check is to get coat-like dusters and cardigans or very light/sheer jackets in bright prints in lieu of crazy coats because I find that the former have more versatility (and they’re usually a lot cheaper). But I’m still on the lookout for some amazing, jacquard, crazy patterned coat like the one Betty Draper is rocking in the last pic. Great post! :)

Comment by The GSB

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