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Loom Rugs
February 21, 2013, 11:11 am
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Picture 32

Now that half of my things are moved into Andrew’s, and the house is now truly a mix of us both, I’ve once again started to lust after beautiful area rugs. I stumbled upon Loom Rugs from Australia and my desire for an oversized, crazy expensive, out of my reach living room rug was reignited.  Picture 31

I’m actually looking for a neutral classic, but with a twist like these guys below. I love that many are vintage or old yarn, which is yarn that’s be unraveled from vintage kilims and then rewoven into a new creation. I think it’s so cool that they can do that! Of course it’s painstakingly difficult and involved, but upcycling at its finest, no?

Picture 33There’s something about these vintage floral guys that caught my eye and I can’t really explain why. They are more rustic and country than I’d know what to do with but I can still pretend. Although, when I look at them individually I can see more potential. The first one is just so interesting.

Picture 36And of course I can’t help but to love the rainbow ones. I love the first one but it looks so much lighter in the first picture above.

Picture 38

There are no prices listed (that seems to happen to me a lot with the things I adore) but at least we can feel inspired by the work they are sourcing and creating.


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We were just talking about needing an awesome rug for the apartment.

Comment by Thani

It’s so hard because you want to invest in something that you’ll have forever but getting to the point where you feel comfortable paying and confident in your choice is really tough. Agghhh.

Comment by Natira

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