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Bag Balm
March 7, 2013, 12:01 pm
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bag balm

I have been cursed with eternally chapped lips and over the years I’ve found that only one thing helps to keep me kissable. Bag Balm has been made in Vermont for over 100 years, and legend has it that it made its way into the home, by way of the barn, when farmers wives noticed how soft their husbands hands were after applying it to the dairy cows. There are a million different uses from new tattoo ointment to ammo lubricant, but I’ll use it on a patch of dry skin, cuticles, and heels.

The Skin Deep Cosmetic Database scores it a very happy 1 out of 10, which is a low hazard and perfect for use as a lip balm. (While you’re at the Database check out how some of your other products score, it’s always surprising.)

Look for the green tin in your local drugstore. For Seattleites I know most Bartell’s have it, and they have the mini tins too which are perfect for purses. I have one at work and one in the car!

bag balm

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One of my besties swears by this stuff! It’s so funny because the box is kind of big for a lip balm, and she carries it around with her everywhere in a little purse! But yes, the balm has like a thousand uses and it reallllly really works! Love it! :)

Comment by The GSB

That’s so cute GSB! I’m glad I’m not the only one that stuffs it into my tiny purses.

Comment by Natira

This balm looks AMAZING!

– KW

Comment by Must Have Boxes

It’s great to have on hand. I love it, and it’s cheap!

Comment by Natira

I just tried Bag Balm for the first time last week – and it works! I wrote about it on my blog: http://bob.barcus.me/2013/march/dry-cracked-hands-give-bag-balm-ointment-try/ After only a couple of days, my cracked hands were healed and ready to get back to work!

Comment by Robert Barcus (@rbarcus)

I’m so glad you found it too! It’s remarkable what a little of that goop can do.

Comment by Natira

I used to put bag balm on my feet as a child, and then put socks on and go to bed… for a kid who ran around shoe-less on gravel, I have pretty good feet! Nowadays, since it’s so cumbersome to carry, I’ve switched to Aquaphor, which will take my lips from chapped to buttery smooth overnight – and it comes in a tiny tube, and it heals tattoos like nothing else.

Comment by lexipish

How have I never tried this?! I am buying some tomorrow. The score on the database is awesome too! Thanks, Lex!!

Comment by Natira

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