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Fentiman’s Botanical Sodas
March 12, 2013, 12:07 pm
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FentimansHave you ever had one of these Fentiman’s sodas? I hadn’t bought a soda in years but decided to give these guys a go when we spotted their line of flavors. Using slightly updated traditional methods (less fermentation than was historically used, with the addition of mild carbonation) the sodas are flavored with brewed herbs and roots. It’s also great that the company is still family owned…that always makes me happy.

The Ginger Beer packs a big punch (and it’s awesome) and there’s just something special about drinking the Cherry Tree, a proper cola flavored with herbs. The Dandelion & Burdock soda has the most interesting earthy and slightly spicy flavor, and it’s great spiked with a shot of rye or whiskey! Since my soda sweetness tolerance has waned over the years I often like to add a bit of sparkling mineral water to take off a bit of the sweetness, but most people wouldn’t likely notice.

There are a few other drinks to try in their line, and I’m excited to give the rose lemonade a go. Check out the craft soda aisle at your grocery store. For fellow Seattleites I got these at Central Co-op (Madison Market) but I bet Whole Foods has them too.


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My husband and I are obsessed with Fentimans! I have yet to try the Dandelion & Burdock (it’s been sitting in my fridge, I’m a little scared!) but the Cherry Tree and Curiosity Cola are both our home bar staples! So delicious! :)

Comment by The GSB

Have you dared to try it yet, @TheGSB? It’s definitely a different taste but a fun one at least. I’m excited to try the rose lemonade next.

Comment by Natira

Haha no not yet…it’s sitting in my fridge! We might make scotch cocktails with it. The rose lemonade is really fun! Let me know what you think of it! It’s earthy and surprising (I guess that can be said about the entire Fentiman’s line) :)

Comment by The GSB

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