Ooh, my favorite!

March 20, 2013, 11:52 am
Filed under: Art and Design, Home

bookshelvesWhen I was in school I worked as a production assistant at small book publisher that designed the most beautiful museum and coffee table art books. My collection of books mostly consists of those that I worked on, but Andrews collection is the coolest library of literature, poetry, travel guides, cookbooks, and random reference books. One of my favorite things that I’ve learned from Andrew is taking the time to research from a book rather than just jumping online to Google or Wikipedia. There’s something kind of romantic and rewarding about it, and it makes me happy. While my books aren’t part of the mix yet, and incorporating them is going to be quite a task, his wall of books so easily became ours with just a few little touches like the vintage persimmon print and the vision board.bookshelves2

My first instinct was to rearrange the cookbooks by color and then it dawned on me…I am so over color-coded books. Yes I remember things by color, but I also remember by shape and size and placement. So arranging for the sake of arranging is just so bleh, and I’m tired of contrived interiors. I liked them as they were so now I have to have Andrew move them back.

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