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April 10, 2013, 10:23 am
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I took an extra few days off from posting to relax and unwind, and really, I didn’t do much of anything. Even the chickies are a little annoyed since their time to run around outside was shorter than usual. They’ve even started pouting when I herd them back into the coop.

Outside of the work with the hens, we’ve spent most of our time researching and collecting seeds for our sexy new raised beds in the soon-to-be garden. I was sure we were making it more complicated than it needed to be, but there are a million varieties to learn about, and our selection is narrowed to only heirloom and non-GMO seeds. We’ve found a couple of resources, but perhaps it’s not us that’s making it so difficult to find. Chemical agriculture is everywhere, and avoiding it takes a lot of work.


GMO OMG  A film by Jeremy Seifert of DIVE!


Somewhere in my searches I came across this documentary that premiered yesterday at the Environmental Film Festival at Yale. At once it’s exciting because this very important cause is slowly but surely gaining momentum, but also alarming and sad in that it’s not as well-known or appreciated as I would wish it to be. Regardless though, it’s movies like this that will help the movement along and hopefully add a few more people to the cause.

A quick summary from an article on Rodale.com:

GMOs are not necessary feed the world | GMOs have never been tested for long term health impacts | 60 other countries require GMO labelling | 3 companies control 53% of the seed market | 500 species of bugs are resistant to pesticides and are now “superbugs” | Haiti- one of the poorest countries in the world would not accept GMO seeds after the earthquake in 2010

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