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Ring Statements
May 1, 2013, 11:14 am
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My work uniform is pretty predictable: skinny jeans and a shirt I wouldn’t cry over if, perhaps, a massive drip of yellow curry happens to eek it’s way down the front. (Usually on one of my boobs. Of course.) And then there’s the super-hot Dansko’s I traipse around in. So really the only way I can feel even the slightest bit girlie (without drawing attention to my boobs) is to throw on a piece or two of jewelry. Mom and I often share, so I have a nice little collection of necklaces and bracelets, a couple of earrings but they’re not my favorite accessory, and few rings that I would desperately like to add to. I started thinking of how much I love a good ring, and how so many of the bolder, more creative choices have been catching my eye.

Yes, I am completely aware that most of these are not practical for work; like, how would it feel to have two of your fingers bound together? Weird, right. I’m assuming that I wouldn’t much care because it looks pretty freakin’ cool…and still so delicate. But still, I like the idea of making a statement with my digits and I am especially keen on #2 which is a knuckle band (click to see how it looks on!) and #6 as a tall stacked look with texture. Since lately I haven’t had as many opportunities for sexy lunches or nights on the town I think I’ll save the glitzy ones for another time and go for one of these two, if I can find my size.

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I love number one, just an interesting shape and style.

Comment by fashionfollowsher

I really like that one too, and it looks especially good on because the scale is perfect. Not too big or gaudy. The stone is really great too!

Comment by Natira

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