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Met Gala 2013
May 7, 2013, 9:37 am
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I always look forward to the Met Gala because it’s the ultimate opportunity to dress-up, but at an event where risks are expected and should be taken. Last night, however, the Chaos to Couture Punk theme of the evening left me wanting for so much more. The irony of the ideals behind the original punk movement being merged with a glossy (and let’s be honest, superficial) event aside, I was interested to see what would emerge on the red carpet and was looking forward to some major departures from ones typical styling.

I feel like so many celebrities missed the mark though. Punk does not mean slutty (Miranda Kerr) or goth (Anne Hathaway). I wanted iconic like the Versace safety pin dress and I wanted more daring styling. It was so dull that there are only two people worth talking about: Sarah Jessica Parker and co-chair Rooney Mara.

sjpOn the costume end SJP was all about the theme with a crazy and gorgeous headpiece by Philip Treacy. This is precisely what I wanted to see last night! She embraced the theme and seemed to be having so much fun doing it. The carpet should have been crawling with such style. (I only wish Beyonce had stepped it up to this caliber, I had such high hopes.)


And then there was Rooney Mara who was the epitome of “chaos to couture” in her subtly punk  Givenchy dress: zippers, bold shoulders deep V’s front and back in beautiful white in frilly lace! Then there was the perfectly bold styling: currant lips, strong brows, and slicked back hair. I had so much fun gushing about this look with my friend Christine on Path last night. Each angle made us fall more and more in love.

So that’s it. Just these two. The rest was blah at best. What do you think?



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