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The perfect chocolate chip cookie
June 24, 2013, 10:19 am
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Have you heard of the infamous New York Times chocolate chip cookie recipe? The one adapted from master pastry chef Jacques Torres? The one with two different types of flour? The one whose dough has to “cure” in the fridge for 36-hours?

I’m not saying these things to scare you away, I’m actually trying to entice and convince you that this undertaking is worth every extra step and every restless hour that you must wait. If you’re skeptical I totally understand, because I was too. But I promise that with the cake flour and all the patience you can muster, this cookie recipe is, indeed, worth the extra effort. The end result is a gooey toffee-like center with crispy candied edges. Oh, and with the light dusting of sea salt the cookie is…transcendent.

I will be making a few tweaks on my next round, but as-is these really are the best cookies ever. The original recipe is here. Try it and let me know so we can gush.


Flour / cake flour / chocolate chips / baking soda / baking powder / brown sugar / butter / salt / eggs / sugar / vanilla / sea salt

I should also mention that my baking game has suddenly become pretty badass and it’s all because of the sexy kitchen scale. After all these years of dismissing my less than stellar baking ability as the result of “missing the skill of precision” (which is why I’ve always preferred cooking), I have to say that the game completely changed for me when I started measuring by weight and with mise en place set. The cookies will be fine without the scale, but if you’re looking to elevate your baking, which this recipe can help you do, give the scale a go!

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