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Gretchen Kelly Studio
August 13, 2013, 10:01 am
Filed under: Art and Design


Every time I focus on artwork for the house I’m discouraged by creepy vintage paintings, cheesy overexposed prints, or beautiful pieces with hefty pricetags. It’s maddening! I just want clean, interesting, simple original pieces that won’t break the bank…because that’s what framing is for.

I will often give Etsy a go but searching is just so disheartening and overwhelming. Yet persistence pays off, and every now and then I stumble across some really beautiful things, like these sketches from Gretchen Kelly Studio. This Etsy shop is filled with original nude pieces, but my favorites are this series where she sketches and paints a series of poses in one minute. It’s traditionally a warm-up exercise but the outcome is ethereal and inspiring.

They remind me to embrace femininity and accept the female form, something we all too often forget to appreciate. (I went jean shopping the other day…I could have used one of these in the dressing room.) I like the idea of one of these at home, as a neutral, yet compelling piece to a gallery or as a simple addition to a vanity area to help inspire as you get ready for the day.

She’s got other concepts of fine art as well and they’re all gorgeous. Check out more at her site here.


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