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A SMEG in my future?
October 28, 2013, 10:50 am
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Andrew and I live in the greatest little, big house. It’s a classic Victorian style home built in 1908, and over the years it has been turned into a flat on the main floor, and two apartments on the top floor. We have the coziest little nook upstairs, but the other small studio in the front is in desperate need of some love. Thus, we are starting the big project of renovating. The hardwood floors need replacing, the kitchen needs relocating, and the original french doors need restoring! I’m excited to have a small space to play with since we’ll be renting it out fully furnished, but before I get too crazy with that part, right now there is a slight possibility that I will be able to use one of these sexy bitches in the new and improved kitchen!

We are going to make the former living room into the kitchen and dining area which will be a much better layout overall. (And everyone knows all the good stuff happens in and around the kitchen.) It might be a tight fit for the fridge but with some creative planning I’m hoping to make it work. I mean, what better way to offset a neutral kitchen than with a bright and beautiful SMEG? The 50’s style lines, the range of colors, and the A++ energy rating kept me up last night, for real. So, without trying to jinx myself, what color is my favorite?

SMEG USA | Also newly available through West Elm


(c) Nordic Leaves (My fave!)



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how pretty!

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