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November 14, 2013, 10:36 am
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Even though my brass geometric wreath isn’t up yet, I have been admiring it every day from its box; trying to be patient while I wait for an “appropriate” time to get a tree and nestle this nicely next to it. I found it here at HRUSKAA, the most lovely little Etsy shop that makes all kinds of geometric sculptures called Himmeli (from the Swedish word himmel meaning sky or heaven). Traditionally they were made with straw and were hung in celebration of the Winter Solstice, but Melissa has created her versions with brass, copper, or white or black plastic straw.

The wreath is beyond lovely and seeing it makes me so happy. And while I got it specifically for our Christmas canon, there’s no reason himmeli’s can’t stay up year-round! This is precisely why I have been eyeing a hanging mobile. So if you’re looking to add some cheer to a little nook at home think about adding one of these beauties. Oh, and what an impressive Christmas gift it would make. Visit the shop for much more.

HRUSKAA (Her-oo-shh-ka)


November 13, 2013, 10:09 am
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I should probably buy a lottery ticket or something because the impossible has happened. I bought a pair of jeans…off the rack…no try-ons…no tailor…no tears. And I LOVE them! Say hello to MOTHER, founded by a team denim devotees: one formerly of  7 For All Mankind and the other formerly of Citizens of Humanity.

If denim could feel like cashmere these would be that.

MOTHER denim | What I’ve been living in

Some fun new toys
November 12, 2013, 10:28 am
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Processed with VSCOcamAs much as I love a fun and sexy ice cube, I of course, can taste the funkiness from the silicone trays. Luckily Andrew found this vintage-style ice cube tray which has been updated with food grade stainless steel (instead of aluminum) and makes yummy ice without any leeched tastes.

Processed with VSCOcamAnd while I’ve never been a straw fanatic, I am very much in love with these  glass straws. So much fun for sodas and cocktails at home, and easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Christmas Canon
November 11, 2013, 10:07 am
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I’ve been shy about hunting for Christmas decorations for the past couple weeks, but from what I can tell I’m not actually as freakishly ahead as I’d thought. While they’re not going up for a few more weeks, I suddenly became really, super excited when I realized that I finally have the chance to create new traditions and collect special decorations with Andrew in our cozy little home. When I think back to Christmas as a kid, I remember more about our trees, ornaments, and Christmas village than I do about the gifts we received. I’m probably weird for that, but it explains why I’m so excited to create our first Christmas in the Tree House.

Last holiday season I shared some Swedish Christmas inspiration and these Pizzelle lanterns, and finally after a year of thinking about them I  pulled the trigger and they are now a part of our Christmas canon. Even more beautiful than I thought, they’re made of heavy-weight, ivory paper and have beautiful and intricate cuts and shapes. I can’t wait to get them into the windows, but for now I’m admiring them from the floor.

Pizzelle Paper Lanterns | $42-$55

Stay tuned for more on my other favorite, the geometric brass wreath. (So mean, I know.)


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