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Gifts for HIM
December 9, 2013, 10:38 am
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I had my guys chime in on this one so I would be sure to include their favorite things from this past year. As with the home guide, these are only things they know and love, and use all the time. I’m really proud of this guide because they are all products of character, and are so reflective of the wonderful guys I have in my life (with nary an electronic). Enjoy!

1  Heston Blumenthal at home  Andrew’s (and one of my) favorite cookbooks, it’s a cool take on traditional dishes with an added dash of new-age techniques. For the experienced cook it would be a great way to add a new dimension to their cooking.

2  Whiskey shaving products  Brother Thani loves these products from the Portland General Store. Hand crafted products made from vintage recipes, and without the use of chemicals or artificial fragrances. Since Andrew has gone beardie I’ll be adding some of these into his gift mix.

3  Opinel pocket knife  Andrew had gotten one of these for me to use in the yard, and his friend Steve had coincidentally gotten one for him. I always wondered what you actually use a pocket knife for, and now that I have one it turns out you use it for everything! This is a great knife, and all the guys love it.

4  Tajika copper scissors  I’ve gushed about these before, and still they are quite special. There’s an interesting shift in seeking out and adding artisan elements into the home. Each time you go to use it you’re handling a gift, a piece that someone has made with their hands, imparting their care and energy into an artform. Even something as simple as cutting a piece of paper becomes different. A very special gift.

5  Best Made Kevlar Gear bag  This bag is badass. And sexy too. Andrew uses it as a travel bag, a tool bag, an outdoor trekking bag…it’s good for anything, really. And sexy too.

6  Tomii Takashi wood bowl  Since we live off salads throughout the year, and since Andrew makes the best salads ever, I got him this wood salad bowl for his birthday. Like a well-cared for pan, a wood salad bowl will naturally season over time and help elevate your leafy greens. This hand-turned bowl from Japanese artisan Tomii Takashi is simply beautiful, and the perfect reminder that the energy embedded in an artisan craft is priceless.

7  Best Made Lumberlander blanket  I got this for Thani on his birthday last year and it gets lots of use on his San Francisco picnics in the park. He said he gets a lot of blanket envy, but still won’t let anyone sit on it while they’re eating. A successful gift indeed.

8  Quadrago  We all have, and love this game. It’s Connect Four on crack! And really, we could all use a little more (non-video) game time in our lives.

9  Porlex coffee grinder  One of the greatest let downs is seeing a pretty apparatus and then finding out it works like crap. This is not one of those things. Good-looking and one of the best coffee grinders you can get. Andrew knows his coffee, so you can count on this one.

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