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The London Plane
September 23, 2013, 12:16 pm
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It’s hard to believe that as much as I’ve shared snapshots of pieces of meals at my very favorite restaurant(s) that I’ve never actually dedicated one piece to explain my deep and resounding love for the beautiful spaces and food that come from Matt Dillon’s Sitka and Spruce, The Corson Building, Bar Sajor, and now The London Plane, which is the first installment of a bigger collaboration between Matt and Katherine Anderson of Marigold & Mint. It’s a beautiful spot, the kind you head to for a laid back meal with a good book and a glass or three of wine. Then you end up leaving with a new cookbook, fresh flowers, and two bottles of bubbly.



It seems that not a day goes by that we’re not asked for our favorite Seattle restaurants; me down at the restaurant with mostly tourists and business travelers, and Andrew because of his work and because his taste and eye for food is remarkable. We have the same answers time and time again, but now people have started to qualify the question with “ok, but besides a Matt Dillon restaurant.” The problem is that his spaces take up our top five and there’s no getting around it.


In this perverse time of misguided food worship and foodie culture there are only a small number of places that serve artful food.  (I had my worst meal of the year last week at one of the city’s biggest restaurant empires. No surprise there, but the hype around it was ridiculous.) I can’t see food as a trend, or as “fashionable,” I see the culture of food as the story of an ingredient, the elegance of a thoughtful composition, an experience in flavor and taste.

Fundamentally Matt’s food is everything I enjoy about the culture of food: simple and classic, yet concepts that are complex and artful. Experiencing food through his lens and connection with the Pacific Northwest (and its seasons), and now this gorgeous new space with Katherine, is truly one of my favorite pieces of Seattle. (And, oh, the things I would do for one of those chairs.)

The London Plane | 322 Occidental Ave. S | Seattle, WA 98104 | 206.624.1374

(Right across from Bar Sajor)


Dinuba water containers
September 17, 2013, 11:17 am
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Way back in February we were in need of a water station for our little love party, and beyond that we were also looking for a nice-looking and easy way to store filtered drinking water; since we use an under the counter water filtration system the separate water spout can be a little slow. After ruling out anything plasticy we found this guy and have been using it happily since the party. Dinuba water containers are made of food grade 18/10 stainless steel with a nice sturdy spigot and screw-top lid.

We have the 5 Liter and leave it on the countertop but it’s small enough to fit in the fridge if you’ve got the room (we don’t, of course). And you can always put more than just water in it…I’ve heard talk of booze. If you’re over your Brita pitcher this guy is a great alternative.

Dinuba 5, 15, and 25 Liter containers | $99-$179

Ikea PS cabinet
September 3, 2013, 10:06 am
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The feeling of fall, in spite of yesterday’s sticky hot weather, has me preparing to hibernate. In addition to a flurry of farmer’s markets, canning, and curing I’ve been trying to get the house organized and cozy for the snuggly weather ahead; and let’s be honest here…I’m still sort of unpacking from my move in MAY! So, yeah, as I’m continuing to unearth hidden boxes and attempt to add to my Goodwill pile it was pretty clear that we were in desperate need for some additional storage space.

After hunting for a while I came across Ikea’s PS cabinet ($99). I’m totally late to the game but the cabinet was the perfect industrial touch we needed with all the wood in the house. It is now happily nestled in our little hallway and opens into the living room. (The line of tape on the floor is for our dart board tournaments!)


Aside from the Expedit shelf this is one of Ikea’s most popular items, and even though that’s not one of my favorite things to hear, I figured the cabinet’s simple and minimal design was like a blank canvas to play with so it wouldn’t matter too much that it’s everywhere. And you know, even after all this time I still like seeing how people customize their Expedits.


It’s become a little office area with our corkboard of notes and projects, and I think I was most excited about getting our pile of magazines off the floor and into a stand. It was one of those things that was driving me nuts…but there they sat. No more though. Now they are tidy and easily accessible. (And that’s my Gretchen Kelly Studio original 2-minute sketch, remember?)


And hooray for somewhere to hide THINGS! There’s lots of room left after storing some of my glassware, but I have a feeling I’ll manage to fill it very soon. Even half way filled it’s nice and sturdy, and for 99 bucks, come on!

Tajika Copper Scissors
August 27, 2013, 11:50 am
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For a while now both Andrew and I had been complaining about our scissors around the house. Somehow our random selection of everyday shears had broken handles, dull blades, or a snapped spring (on one of the heavier pairs). He’d been talking about investing in a new pair, and like so many other things, you can’t seem to have too many scissors. When his b-day came last week I figured it would be a great chance to add beautiful pair and begin a whole new collection. I started with these here, the Tajiko copper household scissors.

Tajika Haruo Ironworks has been producing handcrafted scissors for four generations in Ono City, Japan. These are made of copper, hand forged and hand sharpened. They are truly remarkable and to hold and use them gives energy and purpose. There’s an interesting shift in seeking out and adding artisan elements into the home. Each time you go to use it you’re handling a gift, a piece that someone has made with their hands, imparting their care and energy into an artform. Even something as simple as cutting a piece of paper becomes different.

Just a simple, but meaningful idea if you’re looking for a different take on everyday things.

Tajika Copper Scissors | $90

Amy Sia Cushions
August 21, 2013, 12:03 pm
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I’ve been keeping an eye out for some throw pillows for my little daybed in the living room that’s cozily nestled in the bay window. It’s my favorite spot for sipping tea in the morning or bubbly in the evening. Since I’ve managed to seriously chickify the house I figured the easiest way to tone things down would be to replace my rainbow array of pillows with some inexpensive neutral colors.

These are neither of those things.

Amy Sia throw pillows |  ~$110 with insert (converted from GBP)

Gretchen Kelly Studio
August 13, 2013, 10:01 am
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Every time I focus on artwork for the house I’m discouraged by creepy vintage paintings, cheesy overexposed prints, or beautiful pieces with hefty pricetags. It’s maddening! I just want clean, interesting, simple original pieces that won’t break the bank…because that’s what framing is for.

I will often give Etsy a go but searching is just so disheartening and overwhelming. Yet persistence pays off, and every now and then I stumble across some really beautiful things, like these sketches from Gretchen Kelly Studio. This Etsy shop is filled with original nude pieces, but my favorites are this series where she sketches and paints a series of poses in one minute. It’s traditionally a warm-up exercise but the outcome is ethereal and inspiring.

They remind me to embrace femininity and accept the female form, something we all too often forget to appreciate. (I went jean shopping the other day…I could have used one of these in the dressing room.) I like the idea of one of these at home, as a neutral, yet compelling piece to a gallery or as a simple addition to a vanity area to help inspire as you get ready for the day.

She’s got other concepts of fine art as well and they’re all gorgeous. Check out more at her site here.


antique baby
July 17, 2013, 11:26 am
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Meet our antique baby! Our favorite part of the house: (1) because it was an incredibly lucky find, (2) because it’s so very us, and (3) because it’s often the only area that’s presentable. In searching for antique brackets for a custom shelving project we stumbled across this piece and decided to scrap the shelving and go with this instead. How could we not? It just so happened to fit this little nook PERFECTLY.


She’s oooooold, but so sturdy and perfectly-imperfect with distresses and dings that give her character and charm.


And remember when I was worried Andrew’s very masculine-man house would be more dominant than my very feminine-chickness? Well, I was so wrong because shit got really girlie up in here. Poor Andrew.


Even his red and blue Catherineholm bowls have been overrun by me.


Interestingly enough though, this little window is so Andrew and it is my very favorite corner. It has me working on a new mission to neutralize this area a bit.

(Maybe a black lotus bowl would help!)


I often feel like a hack sharing pieces of the house when one could easily turn around and see a sea of vitamin bottles, phone chargers, and stacks of paper. But I appreciate these little vignettes, and in the midst the chaos of our hectic life and my inability to put things away, it makes me happy.

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