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Gifts for HER
December 11, 2013, 10:25 am
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And finally, here are all of my very favorite things from the past year; perfect for a gal with varied tastes and complex sensibilities. Everything here I know well and use regularly, and each of them brings me great joy. Here goes….

1  Slip-on Chucks  I’ve mentioned them before but they’re so cute and easy. They’ll get so much use, I promise.

2  Champagne coupes  My very favorite drinking vessel. I prefer to buy vintage on Etsy, but they are just as nice new.

3  Gretchen Kelly art  If you’re tired of over-used prints try adding original pieces of artwork. Gretchen’s one-minute pose series is just lovely, and would be such a meaningful gift.

4  Wilder magazine  This lovely quarterly magazine is for anyone fascinated with our natural world. Past issues have included features from gardeners, foragers, farmers, chefs, fashion designers, and artists. A truly eclectic magazine that’s a welcomed departure from mainstream media.

5  Josie Maran eyeshadow  This is a great neutral palette, but the other sets are great too. And as always, it’s formulated free of chemicals.

6 Sorel boots  Stylish all-weather boots? Seriously, these are kinda hot. I love them for our outdoor adventures or for rainy days around town.

7  Alexander Wang tank  I literally lived in these tanks all summer. So incredibly sleek and sexy, they are the perfect closet staple.

8  Burberry London trenchcoat  An investment piece for sure, but probably the most versatile and timeless pieces I own. It’s one of those special garments that make you feel instantly chic, even when paired with slip on Converse. And what gal wouldn’t love a timeless trench under the tree? (One thing we like to do for our gift-giving is to pool resources and all go in on one big piece.)

9  Belvoir Elderflower cordial  We all love elderflower liqueur (think St. Germaine), but this guy is organically grown in the UK and contains no preservatives. It has a beautiful aromatic fragrance and taste that makes it the perfect addition to the barcart. I love a small amount with vodka and soda and a squeeze of lemon.

10  The Flavour Thesaurus book  Less on the prescriptive side and more on the informative and fun, this is the coolest book to have on hand if you’re curious about why pairings work (or don’t). Think peanut butter and chocolate or lamb and mint. I particularly like the section on cheeses.

11  A Martha or four  I know this isn’t an actual gift, but my kooky little chickens have been such a big part of my year and they bring me so much joy…and the most beautiful eggs. It’s not a decision to be made lightly as it’s a huge commitment, but if you’ve got the time and energy, knowing more about your food is priceless. And the entertainment value is better than anything on television. Here’s one of my favorite online sources for chicken info.

November 13, 2013, 10:09 am
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I should probably buy a lottery ticket or something because the impossible has happened. I bought a pair of jeans…off the rack…no try-ons…no tailor…no tears. And I LOVE them! Say hello to MOTHER, founded by a team denim devotees: one formerly of  7 For All Mankind and the other formerly of Citizens of Humanity.

If denim could feel like cashmere these would be that.

MOTHER denim | What I’ve been living in

Lace details
October 14, 2013, 12:28 pm
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zara lace

I’m loving the lace details and intricate straps on this Zara dress. So sexy and still very elegant. The look of lingerie will be everywhere soon, so this would be a great way to get the look now.

Zara Studio Mesh Dress $179

(PS- With all that back exposed a dry skin brush regimen is essential!)

Family Jewels
October 8, 2013, 10:25 am
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Processed with VSCOcam

After a few years of trying to add a few key pieces to my jewelry collection, I’ve finally realized that nothing will ever be as good as the pieces I stole from my mom, who had inherited them from my grandmother and great-grandmother. They just don’t make them like they used to, and even with a few missing beads and links they are my very favorite pieces. I suppose my message here is to raid mom’s jewelry box if the mass-produced modern guys just aren’t doin’ it for you.

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

Sweater Weather
September 9, 2013, 11:27 am
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Vanessa Bruno| Vanessa BrunoT by Alexander Wang | Maison Martin Margiela

I’m getting really excited for sweater weather. Warm and cozy and so versatile. I’m very much liking the leather pairings, but in the end it’s the cropped jeans with the oversized Margiela that I shall use to inspire my autumn uniform. Simple and chic.

Candy Coat
August 22, 2013, 10:14 am
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candycoatThere’s a slight autumn-like crispness in the mornings lately and it has me all wound up for the cooler weather ahead. The days are still very much summery, but with chanterelle mushrooms popping up at the farmer’s markets fall really is right around the corner. (And yes, I base my seasons on available veg.) Thinking of the cooler days had me peeking around for transitional coats, and of course, Shopbop came to the rescue with this lovely array of candy colors. I’ve been daydreaming of bopping around in this fuschia guy for a while.

I’ve always enjoyed the inspired styling in their lookbooks and I’m really liking how they worked with these two coats from above. I love the shades of blue and turquoise with the cobalt (and the pop of red with the shoes), and the unexpected leather and loafer style with the fuschia. Once the beauty of fall has long gone these are the coats that will make winter bearable, don’t you think?


Blue Nicholas | Green Milly | Orange Halston Heritage | Pink Joseph









Polished White
July 23, 2013, 11:26 am
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polishedwhiteI’ve tried to go all rainbowy, but my favorite summer color for my digits is an ultra matte white. Sleek and clean, and it goes with everything. (It pairs especially well with this lip color too.)

There are a few quirky things about matte colors and the first is that without a careful application it can look exactly like white out. I have the OPI Alpine Snow, and the texture of the paint is a bit more chalky and thick. It also dries really quickly, so all of this means that it’s easy to see streaks or have an uneven coating. I do two coats and then finish with a clear top coat which helps smooth out any streaks and helps it stay a few days longer. Without it you’ll have chips within a day.

It would probably be best to have it professionally done if you’re a perfectionist, but since I’m not much good at going to get my nails done I am plenty happy with my amateurness.  In spite of the extra care it’s a fun color that will wear through the autumn and winter, but since it looks especially sleek with a nice sun-kissed tan give it a go now.

whiteout(If you’ve ever tried to take a picture of your own hand and nails you’ll understand how ridiculous you feel and how hard it is to get something decent looking. Here’s a quick pic of me and my morning tea, hoping to entice you to try it out.)

Swedish Hasbeens
June 6, 2013, 2:03 pm
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vintage clogsEver since I nabbed these  vintage Swedish clogs (for $45 bucks!) I have been the crazy clog chick, wearing them around the yard, for errands to the grocery store, and lunches with friends. But since I mostly wear them around the chickens, and the chances of chicken poop contact is pretty high, I decided I should look for a pair to wear exclusively for outings at my favorite restaurants.


I stumbled upon Swedish Hasbeens, and while they’re nothing new they are popping up on a lot of stylish ladies. At first glance I thought they’d go the route of folksy but when you see the way SJP styles them you’d never make that association. There are lots of other images of her wearing them around town and they’re always the perfect pairing for city jaunts. They’re also great because the leather is tanned with vegetable oil and not the toxic chemical chromium, and they are made in small Swedish factories, by hand, using vintage techniques.

Buy stateside at Zappos.


[Images 1 /2/3/4

The Long and Short
May 16, 2013, 10:11 am
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The weather in Seattle has been nice and mild after our little heat wave, and it all seems like such a big deal because it’s usually cold, grey, and very wet. So after we all pulled our summer clothes from the back of our closets we had to do some mixing to meet the demands of warm days with the occasional spring shower. I, myself, have been enjoying my cut-offs and a nice cozy sweater. I am particularly fond of this because my legs got a nice sunkissed base, but my bod itself (specifically my core) is just not ready for full-on warm weather attire: anything tight, short, and of minimal fabric is off limits. (You saw the recipe I posted yesterday, right?)

I don’t go as short as these (it’s not that warm, and my legs aren’t that toned) but I still love the idea of the different proportions. It’s effortless and casual — perfect for running errands and easily styled for lunching!


More inspiration here.

Met Gala 2013
May 7, 2013, 9:37 am
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I always look forward to the Met Gala because it’s the ultimate opportunity to dress-up, but at an event where risks are expected and should be taken. Last night, however, the Chaos to Couture Punk theme of the evening left me wanting for so much more. The irony of the ideals behind the original punk movement being merged with a glossy (and let’s be honest, superficial) event aside, I was interested to see what would emerge on the red carpet and was looking forward to some major departures from ones typical styling.

I feel like so many celebrities missed the mark though. Punk does not mean slutty (Miranda Kerr) or goth (Anne Hathaway). I wanted iconic like the Versace safety pin dress and I wanted more daring styling. It was so dull that there are only two people worth talking about: Sarah Jessica Parker and co-chair Rooney Mara.

sjpOn the costume end SJP was all about the theme with a crazy and gorgeous headpiece by Philip Treacy. This is precisely what I wanted to see last night! She embraced the theme and seemed to be having so much fun doing it. The carpet should have been crawling with such style. (I only wish Beyonce had stepped it up to this caliber, I had such high hopes.)


And then there was Rooney Mara who was the epitome of “chaos to couture” in her subtly punk  Givenchy dress: zippers, bold shoulders deep V’s front and back in beautiful white in frilly lace! Then there was the perfectly bold styling: currant lips, strong brows, and slicked back hair. I had so much fun gushing about this look with my friend Christine on Path last night. Each angle made us fall more and more in love.

So that’s it. Just these two. The rest was blah at best. What do you think?



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