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Life Calendar
December 8, 2010, 2:02 pm
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Track your days over the course of a year by drawing in an emoticon: very good, good, regular, bad, very bad.  Simple and cool. Would be great to see how things looked after a year, and you can start anytime. Get it from Etsy seller BrigadaCreativa. ($13.50)



Holiday Gift Guide 2010
November 29, 2010, 2:20 am
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Here’s the first-ever Holiday Gift Guide – ooh, my favorite style! I’ve collected some of my favorite things from around the Web to share with you as inspirations and thought-starters to help you get ready for the holidays. Have fun, and get to shopping!

  1. Cool Jewels ice tray So fun, right? ($9)
  2. Chobs Grips for your cutting board & icons to help you keep track of which side is for veggies and which side is for meat. ($12.95)
  3. Baggu Bags x 5- You guys know how much I adore my Baggu’s. ($35 per set)
  4. OPI nail lacquer The best polish out there, and also conscious about chemicals too. I love their SoftShades of pink. ($8.50 each)
  5. Tarte Cosmetics eye shadow palette Chemical-free, GMO-free, green packaging, and a killer set of colors at a great price too. ($44)
  6. Picture keyboard stickers This is just too cool. ‘B is for Bowie, G is for Geisha!’ ($12)



  1. Alexander McQueen Britannia patent clutch Really no need to dive into details here. Would be an amazing gift for so many reasons! ($1,067.50, was $1,525)
  2. Tom Binns Swarovski crystal bracelet The colors. The style. Swoon. I would rock the hell out of this; would be a great investment. ($440)
  3. Helmut Lang twisted draped jersey dress Because I love the amazingly soft Helmut Lang jersey and because this is the perfect LBD for work and play. ($360)
  4. Toms Glitters My lovely teammate Miss Ngo rocks her gold ones and just got these lovely pinks sent to the office. I lusted big time and had to add them here. A perfect gift for your giftee and for a child in need. ($54)
  5. Swarovski Maggy fuschia ring Have you seen how sparkly Swarovski crystals are? ($115)
  6. Marc by Marc Jacobs diamond Lurex gloves Functional, a touch of sparkle, and really cute! ($70, was $88)
  7. Alaia lace-up calf hair pumps Literally just went on sale and just almost sold out. I was drooling over an all-black leather version I saw at Barney’s last weekend though, so my dreams are not completely shattered. These really are gorgeous on, not as intense as they look. ($1,098, was $1,830)
  8. Chanel trompe-l’oeil temporary tattoos Did you see these on the runway last year? So fun! ($75)
  9. Litter SF thumb holster I love my Litter shoulder chain so I must figure out when I can start adding to my collection. Love this look. ($225)



  1. USB Battleship Come on, how fun would this be to give? ($23)
  2. Dotz cord wrap My Lova is the best at keeping cords organized, but I can’t say the same for me. Look at those before and afters. I need these at work. ($9.99)
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab Worth considering if you’re in the market for a tab/pad/whatever. I’ve heard good things. Just saying it wouldn’t hurt to shop around; I know I will.  ($599)
  4. Temple leather iPad case  Now if you’re going to go through all the trouble of getting a new toy you should probably invest in a nice form of transportation for it, no? This is for an iPad, but perhaps a Galaxy would fit? ($189)
  5. Dotz identifiers Another great way to organize your cords. Anyone else have that scene in A Christmas Story floating through their mind?



  1. Cogo floral rug, Anthropologie Loved the pattern and the thickness. Available in other colors too ($78 – $1,098)
  2. OXO Good Grips 10-piece pop container set BPA free, air-tight, and just all around fucntional and pretty. I can’t find the perfect glass ones so I think these may be the ones. ($99.99)
  3. Organic cotton frayed-edge sheets, West Elm Because crisp sheets are always a good thing. ($29 – $119)
  4. Baked Explorations: Classic American Desserts Reinvented I’ll be making a few of these recipes this holiday season. Peanut butter + chocolate. Buy the book to see the rest ($29.95)
  5. glassybaby The rainbow of colors is just so pretty. Handmade in Seattle, but you’ve probably seen them in restaurants and lovely spaces throughout the country. ($40 each)


Limited edition Pac-Man Moleskin notebooks
October 7, 2010, 8:16 pm
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Even in this digital age I have found that I must always write things down; I’m an endless list maker, and I live off the satisfaction I get from crossing things off. It’d be quite fun to do the crossing in that sexy yellow notebook, don’t you think?

Happy 30th Pac-Man!

Get it here.


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Spaghetti measure
September 8, 2010, 1:42 pm
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I have lots to share about my holiday weekend, but I’m beat and need a few extra days to recover. So for now, I thought I’d share this cool kitchen gadget. For anyone that has a hard time estimating pasta servings here is your tool. Get it here.

[via Holy Cool]

Scratch Map
August 17, 2010, 10:29 am
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The best part of a scratch lottery ticket without the part where you lose a couple bucks. A super cool way to track your travels around the world and the perfect gift for a jet setter.

Available here for $23.

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the birds and the beasts
August 11, 2010, 9:34 pm
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I’ve never been much of a card gal. I love giving gifts, but tossing a card in the mix never really seemed to add much value, they mostly just seem mass-produced and insincere. I mean let’s be honest here, when’s the last time you got a really nice card that meant something special…one that you actually wanted to keep forever? Don’t get me wrong though, I love a good card with hand-written sentiments sent the old fashioned way, but they are hard to come by nowadays. (This precise exercise is on my list of things to improve upon, by the way.)

I’d really love to be able to make my own, but since that doesn’t usually happen these great cards from the birds and the beasts will do just fine! Quirky, cute, and fun they’re printed with soy based ink on F.S.C certified paper. In other words, they’re as sustainable as a paper card can get. ($3.50 each with envelope)

Robo Unicorn – Happy Birthday

Robo Vampire – Thank You

Whale Party – Happy Birthday

Congratulations squid (die-cut)

(My friend’s BB and Crabby are not included here, they send the best cards!)

August 9, 2010, 9:14 pm
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I’ve been following Emerson of EMERSONMADE for quite a while now, and though she’s gotten tons of love from the blogosphere, I still can’t help but to gush. Completely amazing in so many ways Emerson is EMERSONMADE – artist, designer, entrepreneur, and model – she has transformed her one-woman-operation into a full-fledged business. I’ve loved keeping tabs on the blog and the latest fashion line; so much charm and character and produced in small batches!

Finally after all this time lurking around the site I am proud to finally report that I’ve made my first purchase: the leather and brass post belt. It will ship in September and I can hardly contain myself.

I could have easily done so much damage, but since I’ve been waiting for this belt for a while I decided this would be my first little gift to myself.  No promises on the next order though, I think the BlueBells denim and some flower pins will have to be mine.

I also wanted to share her amazing pantry with you, too. I daydream about this regularly. No refined ingredients or sugars. Gorgeous!

June 15, 2010, 12:31 pm
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Do you remember walking into the toy store when you were young, and the wave of euphoria that would come over you as you eyed the zillions of potential items you’d have to first test out, and then decide which you wanted to persuade mom and dad to take home with you? I haven’t felt that way forever, and I’d kind of forgotten about that feeling until we went for a little Sunday trip to Japantown’s New People center.

New People is a gorgeous glass front, three story building in the heart of Japantown that boasts all things J-Pop–and not just the typical kitschy trinkets you often associate with Japanese  culture–but really cool and interesting toys that you won’t find just anywhere.

The building hosts a cinema that screens contemporary Japanese films, a small cafe serving Blue Bottle Coffee and Delica snacks, a retail space with Gothic Lolita and other Harajuku-style clothing and accessories, and the New People Store, which is where I had my flashback. Now that I think back, my sweetie and I must have looked insane, or maybe I’d even venture to say rabid with giddiness. We’d each go our separate way for a minute, then attempt to casually stroll back (when what I really wanted to do was run) to take turns showing each other what we’d found. We did this for a good hour.

One of the toys that caught my eye was the Aerobase “micro MUSEUM series” models that you assemble from pre-cut parts on a sheet of paper or metal.  They’re tiny, tiny but so cool. The perfect gift for model lovers, but it’d really be a great little project for anyone since not all of the kits are super intense.

Image via New People

Image via Aerobase

I was dying to sneak in a few pics, but they’re pretty explicit about cameras in the stores. (The packaging on some of the stuff was gorgeous!) It would have been a bit overwhelming anyway, I would have left with a ton of pics, and of course not being able to pick a few, I probably would have posted them all. Really, there was that much cool stuff! In the end, here’s a pic of the goody bag we took home. We really did a good job in practicing restraint and left with a few gifts for friends.

Our goody bag!

May 17, 2010, 5:02 pm
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National Geographic and photographer Joel Sartore present RARE: Portraits of America’s Endangered Species, the result of a three year investigation on the nation’s disappearing plants and animals. For over 2o years Sartore’s been photographing for National Geographic, focusing on endangered species and land issues, so this book promises to be amazing!

Have you seen the Planet Earth episode where the polar bear swims endlessly searching for food? I was a wreck at the end, but it reaffirmed why I choose to live as clean as possible. See the list that Joel has compiled below to help each of us make a positive impact. Oh, and by the way, if you’re still using chemicals to treat your lawn you should be slapped! (I’ll end it at that, although I could go on.)

Threatened – Polar Bear

NOW EXTINCT – Bryn, the Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit

Threatened – Bog turtle

Want to know what you can do to help? Here are a few simple, concrete action steps that you can take to help save endangered species.

1. Be an informed citizen. Learn what the environmental issues are in your town, state, nation and even globally.

2. Reduce, reuse, and recycle whatever goods you buy. Try to leave the smallest ecological footprint that you can each day.

3. Drive a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Better yet, take public transportation or ride a bike once in awhile. If everyone did their part, there would be no need for us to drill in the last wild places left on Earth, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

4. Don’t use chemicals on your lawn. They end up polluting the soil and water. And think twice before turning your sprinklers on. It’s a waste of water, something that is becoming scarcer every year. You’ll save time, money, and prevent pollution because you won’t have to mow nearly as often. Around the U.S., many citizens have planted native vegetation instead of bluegrass, resulting in a minimal need for water and care.

5. Support groups that are trying to do the right thing such as The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International and the World Wildlife Fund. Locally, the Conservation Alliance of the Great Plains does good work, supporting education and advocacy here in the Heartland. Joel Sartore is a founding member of this group.

6. Vote. We citizens tend to get the government we deserve. We elect politicians to represent our interests. Only when the majority of voters respect and care about nature will we begin to see the political changes needed to start saving the earth.

Threatened – Atlantic loggerhead turtle

Endangered – Hibiscus flower

–  All images via Joel Sartore. Please visit his site to see more beautiful photos!

–  Buy the book here.

The Complete National Geographic
April 8, 2010, 12:51 am
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This is so cool: The Complete National Geographic on a 160-GB Hard Drive! It includes every issue from the past 12o years (1888-2008), and has been digitally remastered in hi-res, and includes an advanced interface that allows you to browse and search any topic, photo, or map. There’s also extra space for future updates, and an extra 100-GB for personal use.

Available at the National Geographic shop online: $199.95

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