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Salt & Pepper
March 25, 2013, 10:14 am
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saltnpepIn part of a larger attempt to get organized I finally got around to coralling our crazy collection of salts and peppers. It’s a small step but a welcomed change that has already streamlined how we work by giving our and most-used peppers and salts (believe it or not we have more!) a permanent place.

For the peppers I went with a set of white Vic Firth pepper mills. Remember my earlier comps trying to decide on colors and shapes? Right now they are housing white, black, pink, and grains of paradise. For the salts we have a mishmash of containers but it works perfectly and it’s easy to switch them out for others. The tray is from a bathroom set at West Elm ($16). We’ll see how the lacquer holds up in the kitchen, but for now it’s perfect.

One nook down and three more to go. I still don’t know what to do with our huge collection of spices, teas, and supplements. I will take any suggestions…please! It’s driving me nuts.

Present & Correct wall planner
January 2, 2013, 11:39 am
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All I can say is thank god a new year has arrived! It was a great one, but still I kinda feel like I got kicked around a bit. A lot of it was still adjusting to life at the restaurant but there was also the changing landscape of Seattle. It’s not as quiet or as slow as it used to be, and suddenly life began to feel a little more hectic and frenzied.

Not one for resolutions I usually take this time to get organized. One of my usually favorite things to do for the new year was to get a new planner. I’m a list-maker…I make lists to collate lists. But since I’m at the restaurant now I don’t use a planner like I did when I was in the corporate world. More than anything I need a big ass wall planner to help me track big reservations and catering events, and projects at home. The classic oversized Stendig Calendar is precisely the size I need, but the large numbers make it difficult to write on, so I was on the hunt for something new.
Picture 7

Happily I found this guy (I like the clean and classic air mail vibe) from across the pond at Present & Correct. I could live in this store, and if you’re in need of some inspiration to help get organized this place will do it for ya. Vintage telegrams, japanese manilla envelopes, notecards, folders, classic office supplies, and on, and on, and on.

Happy New Year, friends!

Picture 8

2013 Wall Planner, approx. 39 in x 27.5 inches, ~$21




Weck jars
February 7, 2011, 7:20 am
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Oh, how I wish I had found these wonderful jars when I had canned my tomatoes last autumn! I know they’re only storage jars but they are just so sleek and sexy. Of course, they’re also completely functional with a reusable glass lid if you’re going the canning route. (Better than tossing the lids of conventional jars.)

I happened upon these Weck canning and storage jars (from Germany) just a few weeks ago and used them for the pickled chanterelle recipe; I really am not sure if I was more giddy over the mushrooms or the jars. Since tomato canning season isn’t for quite a while, I’m most excited to use these in place of plastic storage containers for leftovers. But then again there’s also their juice line that has so many potential uses, I’ll have to add a few of these to the list too. A great carafe shape with an air tight lid: score!

Available here in sets of six.

Inspiration board
January 25, 2011, 7:34 am
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Inspiration Board – Sabrina Linn

I had a wonderfully productive weekend at home, just like I said I would! I got into the zone late Friday night and ended up rearranging the bookshelf and our bedroom. Our space is really small so there aren’t many ways to switch things up but I did manage to find a new home for a few things.

I think that much of my desire to do a bit of mid-winter organizing was because of the beautiful picture above. The inspiration board belongs to interior designer Sabrina Linn (which I found by way of the wonderful Black Eiffel) and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. Truly, I think I have visited this picture about 27 times in the last 10 days – it’s haunting me in the most fabulous way. Really, the entire composition is gorgeous, but the idea of proudly displaying a collection of inspirations for all to see is just…well, brilliant! Granted, it would take discipline to keep it presentable, but I am truly enamoured with this idea. With our tall ceilings we have a huge blank wall that’s been bare for the past year. Until I can afford to invest in an original Rex Ray that I so covet, I think this would be the perfect place for a thoughtful, well-composed, his & hers inspiration board. New project: identified!

First + Aid
January 19, 2011, 10:37 am
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I love the thought of organizing first aid supplies in this retro-style tin box, especially since I often find myself yearning for days of old where tin and glass were the container standards. This little guy is wall mountable for ease-of-use, but really, it’s pretty darn stylish too. Available here for $23.

[images via ModCloth]

Less and More
November 3, 2010, 4:27 pm
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Cramped city living constantly has me on the lookout for organization tools and containers that aren’t cheap and plasticy. After all, without much storage space I’ve learned that making everyday things look presentable is the key to maximizing every free space.

One of my most shameful examples of organization is my make-up bag. Yes, I have been living out of a small elephant-print make-up bag my brother brought back from Thailand a few years ago. I would have loved to have organized it much sooner, but a hot pink and turquoise Kaboodle is not on my list of acceptable containers; and really, I’m not exaggerating much when I say that Kaboodle-like cases are pretty much all that’s available for make-up organizing.

So, needless to say, I’d all but given up the make-up organization until I found the awesome Etsy shop Less & More of Vienna, Austria. Hand-made, sustainable, and eco-friendly, the simple and useful organizing tools here are perfect for my pretty-but-functional criteria. I’m most excited about the Scarlett Make-up Holder; I’ll have to do inventory to make sure it will actually work for me, but the shop overall is awesome.


[All images via Etsy shop: Less & More]


Design crush: Sweden apartment
June 16, 2010, 8:34 am
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We’ve been in our apartment since January, but I’m still sorting through our stuff in at attempt to purge all things unnecessary and cluttery. It’s an endless task it seems, continually organizing and then re-organizing what you just organized, but somehow it’s great fun. I’m constantly amazed and inspired by Swiss interior design philosophies. How do they do it? Always so clean and slick, but still so vibrant and comforting. I love the stark white with the pops of bright color.

Check out these pics for my latest inspiration and click through to see more. I can’t get enough pink lately, so I’m totally crushing on the couch, and I’m also loving the dreamy bedroom wallpaper. All the natural lighting throughout is key too! (And, how great is that rooftop deck.)

[via DigsDigs, images too]

A place for everything
February 24, 2010, 1:59 pm
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With spring cleaning season rapidly approaching I’ve been hard at work drooling over other people’s beautifully kept living spaces. It’s been a long, hard road, but I think I might actually be ready to tackle my own place.

Before we moved at the beginning of January I found some amazing organizing blogs that helped prepare me to lose so much space, so with all of the purging and organizing I did before the move the transition went quite well.  But while we’ve done a nice job of getting everything in its place, you can’t help but notice how much “stuff” you have when it’s not sprawled throughout a couple different rooms. Our mission for the spring will be to organize, donate, sell, or recycle all of the extra stuff so that we can thoroughly enjoy our cozy little home and of course, be more efficient while we’re in it.

In order to help get you inspired here’s an amazing little studio I found a few months ago on Apartment Therapy. Laura’s space is a whopping 250 square feet, but it has more charm than most people have in an entire house! Seeing what she has done in such a small space makes me feel like I’m ready to tackle spring cleaning in full force…next weekend.  :)

Check out the comments where she posts her shopping list and notice that she didn’t break the bank.  Bravo!

For more pics click here.

All images via Apartment Therapy

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