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Summer Holiday
August 12, 2013, 9:46 am
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Lazy canoe rides, Red Ryder target practice, beach day, Amish spelt bread, butterflies, and flowers. Country living feels gooood!

It’s now back  to reality after our second annual summer holiday with Andrew’s family in Michigan. If only summer camp could last forever.

June 3, 2013, 4:33 pm
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only-way-ever-sell-confession-ecard-someecardsI needed a little break. So I took one.

It’s not that I’d been uninspired, because in many ways I was feeling more inspired than ever, but to be honest I was feeling heavy from the digital world that I had chosen to surround myself with. It wasn’t that clear to me in the beginning though; in fact, it took some really in-depth chatting/texting/bitching with friends to realize how unfulfilled I was with the world around me.

I’m craving for ingenuity, insight, creativity, and personality. I’m so tired of so much attention being given to co-opted, compromised, sold-out, unoriginal.

There’s the meteoric rise of mediocre food, glorified by “foodies” without the slightest knowledge of what real, good food really is. I’m tired of shitty food; decadence without substance, sloppily paired ingredients, wasteful and contrived styling. It is everything that is wrong with our food culture, and extends from blogs, to Pin boards, to television, to restaurants.

There’s the sea of sponsored posts and forced “partnerships” has taken away everything genuine about blogging, and the bloggers I used to enjoy reading about. You can delude yourself all you want, but you’re not as selective as you think and your opinion that is entirely your own is as transparent as your perfectly styled lucite table.

There’s the “insert holiday or theme here” party staged two weeks before said holiday so that you, too, can create a festive fete, complete with a custom cocktail, on-theme spread of food, for your perfectly dressed friends (all caught on camera by a reputable photographer, no less).

Then there’s the shelter blogs and magazines that feature the same home again, and again, and again. And I don’t mean the same exact home, I mean a new home tour of a white washed home with splashes of hot pink, an immense gallery wall, and a perfectly dressed-straight-from-Anthrologie chick that’s talking about how her home is just so original. Well, your home looks exactly like the one that was featured last week.

Let’s not even talk about weddings…you get the idea.


Don’t get me wrong though. I love playing with food, and I enjoy creating vignettes around our home but I want for so much more from the “Influencers” I see online. Aren’t you tired of this too? Don’t you want for more from your media? It shouldn’t be this hard to find quality content (online or off) but in the midst of being inundated with staged perfection and cheesy sponsored content I think it’s time we demand more.

My friend Lexine said it so perfectly when she said “I’m a big fan of the Unfollow and the Unfriend. Surround yourself with only the things you want to see online.” Oh yeah, what a novel idea! So simple and yet it had completely missed me. I didn’t want to be seen as someone not in-the-know or , but I realized it doesn’t matter. I only share with you the things that I love and can only hope you like them as much as I do. If you ever feel less than excited to be here you have my permission to Unfollow. Seriously.

Soap box moment complete.

Happy Christmas
December 24, 2012, 1:08 pm
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merry christmasTaking a few days off to savor how wonderful life really is. I hope you have a safe and happy Christmas. Kiss!

These are a few…
October 26, 2012, 11:16 am
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I made it through the marathon work weeks, twelve of the last thirteen days (I was able to sneak in a day on Tuesday but in some ways it was harder to go back). Knowing it was going to be a long haul we made sure to sneak in lots of great moments to make it easier. It was indeed great times, but still I am looking forward to having a regular work week again.

Here are a few of my favorites. Kiss!

Matcha green tea. I’ve been perfecting my technique and I’m finally ready to share it with you. Look for the full scoop next week. This is THE best way to start your day, promise.

Osetra caviar crackers. A total splurge, but so worth it in the midst of a long week. Another trip to the Seattle Caviar Company is in order but probably not for this guy again…unless I can make up a special occasion to justify it. (*wink)

Autumn walk with the Westies. Brother was up for a visit so he and mom tagged along for Westie sitting in the park. I love the Autumn-ness here.

These are a few…
October 5, 2012, 10:36 am
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Ok, maybe I phoned it in a bit this week, but for some reason it was hard to focus on any one thing and I’m not really sure why that was. Well actually, there was some weirdness with my car getting broken into and that pretty much knocked me off center, but even before that I was still in tunnel vision mode. Do you ever have that sensation? Thankfully I was able to pull it together by the close of my week (with lots of help from Andrew and mom) and now I can celebrate my weekend! Tomorrow is a night out with friends and we’ll be at Sitka (of course) and then we’re going to try the new rum bar that opened here on The Hill. I’m excited! What shall I wear?

Hoping your weekend is filled with fun and sexy plans too. Here are some of my faves from the week. Kiss!

Westie walking in Volunteer Park. My favorite part of the week was Westie-sitting Chase and Chloe. And it didn’t hurt that it was warm enough for shorts on Monday.

Autumn flowers at home. It’s nice to have pieces of autumn inside too. I have no idea what each of these actually are, but I like ’em.

Sardines and sparkling at Sitka & Spruce. I’ve become quite good at lunching before work.

August 20, 2012, 11:22 am
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I had a long weekend at the restaurant but I often think of this awesome quote from Conan O’Brien and it helps. After all, he got screwed not so long ago and managed to wrangle plenty of amazingness. While thoughts of karma aren’t always enough to ease me through terrible situations with people of unmentionable names, I like this and I think I believe it.

[Print available here.]

These are a few…
August 17, 2012, 10:39 am
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My guy’s birthday was on Tuesday so I had a lot of fun planning a relaxing day and quiet dinner at home. The big surprise was a trip to New Mexico in the fall, so of course I had to theme it out with a gourmet taco night at home. We had so much fun, and since the weather has been really hot (by our standards) we enjoyed laying low and staying cool with ice cream sandwiches and iced tea.

Hope you’re staying cool wherever you are. Kiss!

Birthday supplies. (Sombreros not pictured.) I’ve always liked decorating for lazy at home birthdays. When I was a kid my brother and I would decorate the bathroom knowing that mom would be up early to get ready for work. Seriously. It was great!

With more poms, of course.

And lots of goodies. Homemade escabeche is so easy! Equal parts vinegar to water, small spoon of honey, sliced onion, jalapeno, carrots. Bring to a boil. Set aside to cool.

All-American Summer
August 6, 2012, 10:11 am
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I’m back from the most perfect summer holiday. My first time in the “middle” I fell in love with everything about the countrysides of the Michigan. It was an Americana getaway to a place with stronger history than we have here in the West; everything from the historic Victorian homes with gorgeous porches (similar ones we’re tearing down in place of cheap condos here in Seattle), to the epic late night thunderstorm, the nightly symphony from the crickets, and friendly greetings from the Amish riding past in their horse and carriage. I hadn’t had such true feelings of summer since my last stint at summer camp in the Rocky Mountains when I was 8. It had been far too long.

More than anything I’m so excited that I have my guy’s lovely family there waiting for our return next year. The anticipation is already here. Here’s hoping you’ve got the chance to reconnect with the summer’s of your youth. Kiss!

Dirt roads lined with farms and perfectly weathered barns.

Summer watermelon.

Evening walks by the Hersey river.

After dinner bike rides dodging grasshoppers and butterflies.

Amish country.

A roadside Amish stand. Honor system, of course.

Workin’ the clothes line.

Hangman in the sand at Ludington beach on Lake Michigan.

These are a few…
July 20, 2012, 10:23 am
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Summer was in full swing until this morning with our thunderstorms, but still it’s been hot and muggy by our standards. Even if the sun’s hidden by the haze I’m so just happy that I get to wear summer dresses and shorts (of appropriate length, ahem). Another great week flew by with goodies from the farmer’s market, evening walks, and sour cherry pie making. Yeah, it wasn’t hot enough to not make pies, thank god. Hope you’ve got some sexy weekend plans.

Happy weekend to you. Kiss!

Snacking on sardine sammies. I have been craving these like none other (with purslane!). I know sardines get a bum rap, but it’s pretty much the same as eating tuna BUT it’s much more sustainable, has more omega-3’s, and fewer toxins since it’s lower on the food chain. My favorite brand is the Spanish brand Matiz Gallego.

Babysitting Chase & Chloe. I had the pleasure of visiting these two every day for dinner and a long walk through Volunteer Park. Westies love the sun so we all got a little sun-kissed.

Late night date nights. I love going for evening walks, which is probably the hardest part about working nights at the restaurant in the summertime. This week though, we got to bop around for bubbly, snacks, and dinner AT the movies. We went to see Top Secret at Central Cinema. It’s such a great spot. The vintage trailers were my fave.

These are a few…
June 22, 2012, 10:27 am
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I’m feeling much, much better. I don’t hate the world anymore. I had a weird week at work, and honestly sometimes dealing with people can be so hard. Really…just so incredibly hard. (Hence the Voo Doo Tea post yesterday.) I realize that I internalize the disappointing interactions I have with people and eventually it gets to be too much, but more than anything I simply can’t believe how unhappy and ugly people can be. It just got to be too much for me and I couldn’t shake it.

I get to meet some really wonderful people everyday so I’m hoping that in time I can be better at remembering those interactions. Until that day comes I have my own little regimen of therapies to help me deal when things sometimes get to be too heavy and draining, and I hope the next time you’re feeling a bit beat up you can take solace in these ideas and take the time to care for yourself. In the meantime, have a killer weekend filled with happy interactions.


Eating my feelings. Sounds cliché but the first thing I do when I feel blah is to eat. This isn’t eating for the sake of eating though, at this point it’s more about feeding your body and soul. As much as I am compelled to gorge on pasta I first go for something light and clean. I say save the carbs for dinner…helps you sleep better too! 

I decided to go with the GORGEOUS King Salmon lox from Sitka & Spruce for lunch. (For dinner my guy took me to Delancey for pizza!)

Shopping my feelings. I felt much better after lunch but still needed a pick-me-up so I headed down to Nordstrom and somehow scored this Alexander Wang tee on super-sale. Hell. Yeah.

(A word of warning: DO NOT attempt jeans shopping when you’re feeling fragile. Stick to flowy tops and dresses, and shoes.)

Chocolate coating my feelings. A no-brainer. The perfect accompaniment to all the tea I have been drinking. (Gorgeous packaging isn’t it.)

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