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Say Something Nice
August 31, 2011, 6:42 am
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See what happened when podiums with megaphones were left around NYC, asking people to say something nice.

August 22, 2011, 12:43 pm
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I am so psyched about this! I adore Instagr.am, and to be honest I often go back through my feed to see past pics. Lately I have been longing to have printed versions to place in stacks around my apartment; instant happiness, no? So much better than sifting through my phone. Just as I was trying to figure out the best (and easiest) way to get this project going I happened to come across Printstagr.am and soon fell in love with all of the sweet options they had available, just check out the Tiny book!

Tiny book – $10 for 3, Mini book – $12 for 2, Poster – $25, Mini prints – $12 for 48


[Images via Printstagr.am]







Living ecosphere
February 16, 2011, 7:16 am
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Looking for some interesting and meaningful accessories for around the house I came across these sweet little gems from VivaTerra.

The first is a self-sustaining ecosystem enclosed in a small blown glass globe. Living inside you’ll find algae, shrimp, plants, and micro-organisms. With indirect sunlight and moderate temperatures you can expect the life within to last anywhere from two to three years. Next day shipping is included in the price as the life inside needs sunlight to live. Buy here for $89.

The second is a fossil set with tillandsia plants. No two are alike, and maintenance is low. VivaTerra suggests using as a paper weight or general decor, but I must say the thought of one of these little guys on my desk would make me endlessly happy.  Set of two, $35.

The last is a terrarium that comes with a recycled glass vase, sand, and four plants for you to arrange. Totally diggin’ the thought of playing with these. Buy here for $79.

So fun, so stylish…I love them all! Just looking at the pictures makes me happy.

[Images via Viva Terra]

Low-key Valentine
February 10, 2011, 12:30 pm
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I don’t think I ever fully grasped the concept of Valentine’s Day. It’s just that it all seems so contrived: roses, dinner reservations, chocolate in a heart-shaped box. Bleh. I’m not saying I’m not up for a built-in date night (on a Monday at that!) but I think I’d get the most out of Valentine’s Day if we just kept it low-key (I mean, super low-key) but still meaningful. Here’s my recipe for a mellow evening for two (or just you) with some fun and useful gifts sprinkled in.


1.  Sayuri Nigori Sake – One of my favorites. Unfiltered so it has a sweet milky texture.

2.  Tea glass – A beautiful Turkish-style glass meant for tea, but would look just as good with some Sake it in.

3.  Poco Dolce chocolate squares – A local SF chocolatier specializing in a little bit of sweet and savory in their chocolates. Available at Whole Foods.

4.  Cold plate – Comes with a porcelain plate, a cooling pad, and tray to make sure your cold items stay cold. Perfect for sashimi!

–  Not pictured – Swing by Whole Foods on your way home from work. You can pick up the Sayuri and Poco Dolce, but even more awesome is their Genji* sushi. This is what puts the low-key in this date night.

5.  Reusable chopsticks and case – For on-the-go. No more icky waribashi (disposable) chopsticks. I must have these!

6.  Good music played on a nano through a balloon USB speaker – Nothing says I love you (or I love me) like pulling together a playlist.

7.  A fun game of Scattergories – Will be extra fun after a few glasses of the Sake!

7a. Solo Valentine’s can replace item #7 with a favorite movie. I’d go with Priceless, a super-cute French movie with Audrey Tatou. But if you’re feeling fragile you could always choose a Michael Bay (as director) movie; the explosions will keep you entertained and distracted.

So what do you think? Super simple and still sweet. Just please promise that you won’t eat your sushi out of the container. If you’re not into the cold plate just find the sexiest plate you can and channel your inner sushi chef for plating.

* Whole Foods Genji sushi uses compostable containers and sustainable fish where possible. And it’s just plain good.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Today I am one
January 27, 2011, 6:20 am
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One year ago I had just returned from Seattle with a cold and was dreading the thought of going back to a job I absolutely hated. I remember suddenly feeling overcome with the need to start a project, if only to avoid a Jerry McGuire moment in the office. I figured if I created a place where I could collect all of my favorites (with a few rants), it could only result in good things. So here I am, 250 posts and a year later in a whole new place. Long gone is the job from hell, and I’m left with only the best pieces of a year gone by; looking back through my archives, I am happy.

I love sharing the fun and interesting content I find and the occasional recipe I attempt, but I often struggle with the best way to share my often intense thoughts on living a healthy life while being mindful of our impacts on things big and small. I know that sometimes it’s not the most entertaining or easy thing to read, but I hope you’ll continue to visit me not just for the fun and carefree, but for the anti-cancer and sustainable.

Last I heard there were around 144 million blogs in existence. That’s more than a lot of competition, so the thought of you here visiting means the world to me; and really, I don’t know how to express how truly humbled and thankful I am. If only you knew how my heart raced with each new view or thoughtful message. I love my little corner of the world here and I am so excited to share with you another year of favorites!


In case you were curious, here are your favorite posts from the past year!

–  Jok Thai-Style Rice Porridge (the winner by a long shot!)

–  Cardboard Cuteness (Anton Tang’s little box people)

–  Holiday 2010 Gift Guide (fun stuff!)

–  Animal Camouflage (one of my faves too)

–  Roasted pork loin with cabbage slaw (try the cabbage slaw!)

–  Larb Gai (secret family recipe)

And while not all of these are as sexy as your favorites, here are some of my personal faves:

–  Guilty on All Counts (or why I am not not a sushi pro)

–  Dirty Water (let’s know our water)

–  J-Pop! (or my trip to the toy store)

–  Thai Garlic Chili Oil (you’ll want this)

–  Come Back GT Dave (Kombucha withdrawals)

–  Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium (zen!)

–  Happy Earth Day! (good stuff here)

–  Diamonds are a dragonfly’s best friend (gorgeous macro photo)

Late Summer Succotash (Sweet corn. That is all.)

–  Home (or Dad’s crazy bird-catching contraption)

[balloon image by flickr user brooksbos, via bringyourdreamstolife]

Hugs and happy thoughts.



January 20, 2011, 7:41 pm
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While these little guys have already made the blog rounds I couldn’t resist sharing as an accessory to yesterday’s first aid kit. Hooray for Cynthia Rowley! Limited edition, and a portion of the proceeds go to a good cause. Assortment of 20 for $10 here.

Pixar commemorative stamps
January 4, 2011, 10:10 am
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Can’t wait to get a hold of these in August when they’re released. Lots of other lines too, but these are my fave.

Spread your love by Hamed Kohan
October 6, 2010, 3:10 pm
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Sweet! I would totally rock a bike that had heart treads, and if I think back to myself at the peak of my heart and unicorn craze, way back in the 80’s (and perhaps into the 90’s – truth be told), I’d be doing flips over this. I can see myself now, swerving to and fro in order to hit each and every puddle on the sidewalk just so I could see the tracks behind me.

Hamed Kohan of Iran has entered this Spread Your Love design into the designboom competition Seoul Cycle Design 2010.  Out of more than 3,000 participants Kohan has been shortlisted as a finalist. Congrats!

[Images via designboom]

October 5, 2010, 10:45 am
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Hey, hey. I’m still alive, just been a little busy and a little lazy. I actually have a good reason for being gone and that was a surprise trip up to Seattle to see mom and dad (with help from brother as co-conspirator). We did all of our favorite family things: cooking, eating, napping, and lots of laughing. It was a GREAT weekend.

One of the best parts was coming home to see that dad had fashioned this crazy contraption in an attempt to scare away a regular visitor to his koi pond. He’s managed cats, possums, and raccoons but there is one animal of the avian variety that is making him quite nervous: the lovely blue heron.  It often comes to hangout by the back pond because they love the water, but they also love fish, so while he hasn’t stolen any dad is on a mission to keep him at bay.

As much as we’ve tried to explain that a visit from this majestic bird could be considered somewhat rare and special, dad is in full-fledged Caddyshack mode. I have no idea how it works or how he came up with it, but it’s crazy and genius at the same time!

Weird? Yes. But not out of the ordinary. Ahh, I have the best family ever.

Chasing a butterfly
August 30, 2010, 7:09 am
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This might possibly be  the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. (And a great way to start the week, no?)

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