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June 17, 2013, 1:16 pm
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Around the neighborhood some call me The Chicken Lady. I’ve been called way worse, so I’ll gladly take it. And anyway, I’ve (in some ways surprisingly) found so much joy in raising chickens and harvesting fresh eggs each day that it’s a name I’m proud have. I know what they eat, I know what they do, and I know that they are happy. The garden is also just as rewarding, even if there are some seeds that need replanting and I have so much left to learn. I love watching seeds sprout and grow gradually, judging their progress from the morning to evening, and I love the zen calm of daily waterings. Here too, I know everything about them.

This big evolution in my life, coupled with my deep passion for food and agriculture reform has left me craving for stimulation and conversation about all the issues that connect back to food and farm. My sweet Andrew came to the rescue when he bought me this new magazine, and we’ve been poring over it and the website ever since. Don’t let the cover sway you (even though I totally geeked out over it), it’s a beautiful publication and the content is really sexy and so well done. It’s for anyone who’s interested/concerned/curious about real food culture, global and domestic agriculture, food security issues, gardening, recipesbees and chickens, agritourism, and much more. There’s a global cultural shift where food and food topics are concerned (the real story, not the Food Network version) and it gives me so much hope and inspiration.

Some of my favorite features:

–  How to grow a cocktail with The Drunken Botanist

–  Celebrate bee week

–  What macho herbicide names tell us about fighting weeds

–  The State of the CSA

–  Greek Yogurt’s Dark Side

Check out modern farmer online, or subscribe for the quarterly issues.

Meet the girls
April 1, 2013, 11:13 am
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So much is happening around the house lately and the most exciting addition is undoubtedly the chickies. It’s been two weeks with them and they all finally have names, so I figured it was time to make proper introductions. Meet Betty, Lucy, Ethel, and Martha.

Betty’s just a total Betty with her pretty feather pattern.

Lucy is kooky and Ethel is always following her around.

Martha is Martha after Andrew’s grandma.

They’re still growing so we won’t have eggs for another couple of months, but even if they never lay a single egg they are so much more fun and fascinating than I ever imagined they would be. Seriously it’s better than TV! And aside from the hours of entertainment they provide they’re quite popular with the passersby. They’re very social and love having visitors. It’s because of this that I am on the hunt for some proper gardening attire. My polka dot American Apparel stretch pants and Andrew’s Native shoes are just not cutting it. (I’m not even kidding.)

Ooh, and you’ll be proud to know that I helped clean the chicken coop yesterday!

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