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HOT Healing Kit
July 1, 2013, 11:25 am
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Hot Healing Kit

Evian brumisateur / 2 Hibiscus tea leaves / 3 Iced tea pitcher / 4 Ice cube trays / 5 no-pull hair ties / 6 comfy bralette (my faves here) / 7 vintage table fan 

I’m not complaining outright but I am pretty damn hot and sticky. Since there’s just no way I’m braving the mobs of Seattleites flocking to whatever shorefront they can find; I have decided, instead, to hide out in my skivvies (hence the little bralette) and douse myself with my very favorite Evian atomizer. If you haven’t experienced the super-fine mist from one of these I can assure you that it alone is worth the price. More than that though your skin will be happy and you will be nice and cool.

Another staple for us has been Hibiscus iced tea: nice and tangy and cooling but also hydrating and a powerful antioxidant. Very good for cleaning the blood and liver, so in a way it’s like turning the sauna-like weather into a spa experience. (Add a little honey for some sweetness.) And finally, we’ve decided to skip the crappy emergency fan and go for a super-sturdy vintage refurb. There’s a bunch on Etsy, but there’s also some vintage-inspired newbies like the guy above.

Here’s hoping you’re staying nice and cool, especially to all my friends braving triple digit temperatures. (Stay hydrated!)






Alexander Wang Prisma Wallet
October 23, 2012, 2:47 am
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I am in desperate need of a proper wallet. I can’t even tell you what I have at the moment, but I think its original purpose was to house business cards. It will be a big purchase, so I’m holding out for the perfect find. It has to be functional, practical, resilient, and stylish.

This absolutely perfect specimen of a wallet does not meet any of the main three criteria, but it sure as hell nails the stylish aspect. I got to play with it at Barney’s the other day and it was glorious. The soft rosy-nude leather was to die for; the perfect hue, but oh so frageelay. Just as it could easily be taken into sweet territory, the gold hardware adds a sexy edge. And with a dimension of 4×8 it could also double as a small clutch. Two-for-one!

Alexander Wang, Prisma Long Compact Wallet, $370

On the Hunt for: a Sequin Jacket
October 15, 2012, 11:45 am
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I have been on the hunt for a vintage sequin jacket forever and I figured now is the time to come clean…and this is only because I just got some major validation for this seemingly wacky idea. But really, what better way to have been truly affirmed than by Vogue itself.

I love their Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl series but it was this last look from Anna Wintour’s assistant, Adriel Saporta, that supported my obsession. I’ve had such hard time finding the jacket itself, but until now it’s also been impossible to find the proper type of inspiration. I’ve started a board on Pinterest, but to be honest I don’t really like most of the looks. There is such a fine line here, and it’s so easily crossed into Rod Roddy territory. I’m craving for vintage chic, not a trendy showpiece.

In my hunt for perfect vintage glittery goodness there are just so many things to consider:

  1. The shoulder: Probably most important because this dates the piece in the most obvious of ways. No pads, please, no pads.
  2. The length: Nothing too long or it looks like pudgy grandma at a Christmas event; and not too short or it gets into bolero territory.
  3. The pattern: Crazy and bold is fine, just no hearts and stars which somehow seemed to be the thing in the 80’s.
  4. The fit: Doesn’t need to be fitted but definitely not the boxy, oversized look that, again, grandma would go for.

So until all of these criteria are met I shall continue my search for the perfect sequin jacket, and be sure I will show you if I ever find it. Wish me lots of glittery luck.

(The only other source of proper inspiration I’ve been using is TTH from last fall. Love it.)

Francois Pinon Vouvray
September 20, 2012, 12:47 pm
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As much as I love a nice cold glass of bubbly, and as often as I sneak it into lunches/dinner/just because, I really should be sharing my favorites here more often. I’m not a connoisseur in any way, but I do have strong opinions about what I like and why. So here we go…

This is my other favorite bubbly, next to the Rose d’Orfeuilles that I posted before. This is the François Pinon Vouvray Brut Petillant Non-Dose, but we just call it Vouvray. Tart, but not sour, this chenin blanc grape wine has a lovely minerality but also hints of citrus rind and honey. And perhaps my favorite feature, the beading (bubbles, effervescence, etc.) is off the charts amazing and endorphin-inducing. It is pure elegance.

This is an organically grown and harvested wine, but another really cool feature is that new plantings are selected from the farm and not from a nursery, so the genetic make-up of the vines remains consistent from year to year. Also, the Non-Dose means that there is no sugar added during fermentations or during bottling.

One really important thing to note I realized just last night when we did a little experiment. This particular wine is best served in a flute and NOT A COUPE! As much as I love my coupes, only the flute is able to maintain the elegant beading of this wine. With the wide surface area of the coupe the effervescence is lost and the taste profile changes so quickly. Trust me and stick to the flute.

I usually head down the hill and grab this from Bar Ferd’nand, but you can also buy online here. $23.



August 9, 2012, 7:03 am
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I used to pride myself on an unread-e-mail-free-Inbox, but I’ve given up lately. There’s just too much crap to sift through and it’s become easier to just let it go. There is, however, one mail that I look forward to receiving every day and that would be Dave Pell’s daily news round-up NextDraft: a perfectly curated newsletter featuring the ten best items the Net has to offer (along with a kick-ass dose of wit and humor). I can only imagine what he has to sift through to get each beautifully, shiny draft and that is why I love him. Thank you Dave, for doing all of the hard work for me, and for making me appear smarter and more with it than I actually am.

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Rosé d’Orfeuilles Touraine
May 22, 2012, 6:35 am
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Domaine d’Orfeuilles Sparkling Touraine Rosé

I don’t much care for liquor, I’m not sure I’ve ever finished a beer, wine makes me sleepy…but oh how I love bubbles. Forget the pretentious stigma (it’s not about looks) it’s about effervescent bubbly bliss in a bottle, and for the perfect one I introduce you to Domaine d’Orfeuilles Sparkling Touraine Rosé.

My guy and I have had a blast tasting and profiling this, and here’s what we’ve got:

With divine hints of wild strawberry and freshly baked shortbread, this 100% Malbec wine sparkles with a dry, crisp taste and a perfect texture that tickles your mouth and nose. I mean, check out those sexy streams of bubbles. It’s a hand-crafted artisan wine that uses the traditional method of fermentation called méthode champenoise where the wine is aged (this one in a limestone cave called a tuffeau) for 2-3 years allowing the traditional second fermentation in the bottle to happen, ultimately creating a more complex wine.

Making the bubbles even more enjoyable are the vineyards sustainable farming methods while also working to transition to organic farming. I’d gladly pay 3x as much for this lovely bottle, but the bubble gods are shining down and luckily the price point is between $15 and $17.

No special occasion needed. Just pop a bottle and à la vôtre (cheers)!

Quick tip for serving: Try serving this particular rosé in a coupe glass rather than a flute. Considering the texture and quality of the bubbles I think it’s best served with more surface area allowing the bubbles to expand outward and not just up. And let’s be honest here, there’s just something magical about a coupe.

March 29, 2012, 4:39 pm
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I’m often disillusioned with the easily accessible. I mean, if you think about it, how can a typical store carry enough of anything to represent you and you alone? Impossible, right! There’s so much more than what’s a mall’s drive away; so, so, so much more. And this precisely why I love visiting Antiquaria, a lovely e-shop filled with beautifully curated vintage pieces.

I’ve been busy searching for vintage glassware, but Antiquaria has also inspired me to think so much deeper and to appreciate the lovely gift of fine china and the lost tradition of heirlooms. I haven’t moved on to fine china just yet, but I fantasize about it often. Dinner parties, afternoon snacks, breakfast in bed…all would be so special on pieces like this. Sigh.

August 24, 2011, 11:00 pm
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I awoke on Tuesday morning to find this in my Inbox. These mails from Barney’s are quite dangerous. Beautiful silhouette, gorgeous color; my freshly pedi’d toes, with an Autumn orange polish, would look so at home in these. Sigh.

Phillip Lim Regine, $750. Available at Barney’s New York.

Thakoon for Somalia
August 17, 2011, 11:14 pm
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My, my it has been a while! Lots going on, but before I get into excuses and stories I figured I’d start with this…a selfless AND fashionable note about one of my favorite designers and his work to help famine victims in Somalia.

I felt compelled and inspired to post when I heard that Thakoon was releasing a limited edition scarf with 100% of the proceeds going to aid Somalia. The lightweight scarf, a Masai-print straight from his autumn collection, is available now on his site. With the beautiful bright colors and plaid print it’s the perfect accessory for fall, but more importantly every penny will be donated to help the people (and especially the children) of Somalia. This has been on my mind with each meal I eat, so I was moved by the generosity in this offering.

Thakoon’s Somalia scarf available at Thakoon.com for $250.

[image via Thakoon.com]

Today I am one
January 27, 2011, 6:20 am
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One year ago I had just returned from Seattle with a cold and was dreading the thought of going back to a job I absolutely hated. I remember suddenly feeling overcome with the need to start a project, if only to avoid a Jerry McGuire moment in the office. I figured if I created a place where I could collect all of my favorites (with a few rants), it could only result in good things. So here I am, 250 posts and a year later in a whole new place. Long gone is the job from hell, and I’m left with only the best pieces of a year gone by; looking back through my archives, I am happy.

I love sharing the fun and interesting content I find and the occasional recipe I attempt, but I often struggle with the best way to share my often intense thoughts on living a healthy life while being mindful of our impacts on things big and small. I know that sometimes it’s not the most entertaining or easy thing to read, but I hope you’ll continue to visit me not just for the fun and carefree, but for the anti-cancer and sustainable.

Last I heard there were around 144 million blogs in existence. That’s more than a lot of competition, so the thought of you here visiting means the world to me; and really, I don’t know how to express how truly humbled and thankful I am. If only you knew how my heart raced with each new view or thoughtful message. I love my little corner of the world here and I am so excited to share with you another year of favorites!


In case you were curious, here are your favorite posts from the past year!

–  Jok Thai-Style Rice Porridge (the winner by a long shot!)

–  Cardboard Cuteness (Anton Tang’s little box people)

–  Holiday 2010 Gift Guide (fun stuff!)

–  Animal Camouflage (one of my faves too)

–  Roasted pork loin with cabbage slaw (try the cabbage slaw!)

–  Larb Gai (secret family recipe)

And while not all of these are as sexy as your favorites, here are some of my personal faves:

–  Guilty on All Counts (or why I am not not a sushi pro)

–  Dirty Water (let’s know our water)

–  J-Pop! (or my trip to the toy store)

–  Thai Garlic Chili Oil (you’ll want this)

–  Come Back GT Dave (Kombucha withdrawals)

–  Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium (zen!)

–  Happy Earth Day! (good stuff here)

–  Diamonds are a dragonfly’s best friend (gorgeous macro photo)

Late Summer Succotash (Sweet corn. That is all.)

–  Home (or Dad’s crazy bird-catching contraption)

[balloon image by flickr user brooksbos, via bringyourdreamstolife]

Hugs and happy thoughts.



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